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Touge Enthusiast Official Thread [ Liku Bukit Drivers]

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Touge Enthusiast Official Thread [ Liku Bukit Drivers]

Post by takafuji on Thu 08 Sep 2011, 5:45 am


Okay everyone, This thread open for all cars owner who have same interest to drive in any narrow mountain pass road as mostly knows as "touge".<- Click this hyperlink to know detail.

Let me introduce, i'm taka from central malaysia touge territories, which normally had fun time at old route Gombak connected to Genting Sempah and Genting Highlands. It is tricky road thath i label it for medium difficulty. If have some free time, i will go to other nearest touge, ulu yam - batang kali, Sungai Tekali - Kuala Kelawang. Also had experience touge at Fraser's Hill, Bukit Putus in Kuala Pilah N. Sembilan ,and Jalan Balik Pulau - Teluk Bahang - Batu Ferringhi in Penang

and here some simple info for you all share :

Name : Taka
Location : Gombak
Car : Proton Persona (violet) Auto Transm. Family Car Stock as come from shop.
Home Course : Gombak Bt12 to Genting Sempah (known Sempah Touge)
Debut : Early year 2009
Position : Camera Car, Touge-G Editor & Multimedia, Malaysia Touge Network [MTN] FB Page members.
Prefers : Tight Touge Downhill Attack, Cruiser

Here 2 of Videos for example
Weekend Day Session 2009

Midnight Session 2010

For all Kaki's Touge. Don't be shy to introduce here. Beginners and Newcomers also welcome.

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